Monday, 2 November 2015

1023 dual VCO

The VCO on the right side didn't work, the dymo label of 'NG' is commonly used in Japan (where this synth has lived the past 40 years) the same way it is used in good!

The panel has two toggle switches and two extra pots these are intended to make the VCOs similar to the 1004VCO (which has an on/off switch and PWM input).
The pots are attenuators for PWM inputs. The PWM inputs are unlabelled but are switch 1 and switch 6.
The toggle switches have not been connected to anything, the 'NG' PCB had two additional FETs (2N5461) added (again to work like a 1004). Removing these FETs got the VCO working again.
for now the switches are unused.

All those fkn tanties are gone now

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