Wednesday, 25 November 2015

1005 Modamp

 nice early multiplier

1046 Quad EG

Nothing worse than a blown bulb on EG #4

 interesting technique to make sure the lens stays in place, must have been a stinky job

1016 dual noise / random voltage generator

This one has been modded, note the extra switch on the panel, and contains a tuning circuit. There is a 1964 tuning fork oscillator inside. There are pics of a similar item with its guts exposed on this page, scroll to the bottom.

 foam is crumbling away

 you can see the tuning fork in these pics, presumably the coils on either side of it pick up the vibrations.

 cans are TI 741s
 copper is well corroded
 Safely packed away.....bye!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

1047 Multimode filter

Thankfully it was pretty easy to spot why this module doesn't work............tanties!
1 hour later, tanties gone, still doesn't work, those op amps  are the next suspects, definitely not original.

Signals from the 1036 S&H/random voltage

Just a couple of examples

Waveforms from the 1004-T oscillator

This oscillator has a mixed output, where you can use toggle switches to select different waveforms, here are just a few examples:

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Side cab power supply

Of the 2 side cabs, one PSU works fine (this one), the other is kaput.
I recapped this one, tho it was a shame to remove the 'extralytic' cap!

Yes, a lot of boring photos, but if someone needs to work on one of these one day, hopefully these pics will help.